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Packaging Board Products

Packaging Board Products

• Uncoated Cup Stock • Uncoated Triplex Board • Pet Laminated Boards
• Coated Kraft Back (CKB) • Cast Coated Paper & Board • Folding Box Boards - GC1/GC2
• Solid Bleached Sulphate Board(SBS)-C1S/C2S • Poly 1 Side And Clay 1 Side-SBS Food Board • Poly Coated Paper/Boards
• Poly Cup Sotck (PE 1 Side/ PE 2 Side/PE1Clay1 Side) • Tetra Pack • Grey/Binding Board
• Coloured Grey Board • Core Board • Playing Card Board
• Metallized Paper/Board • Pre Printed Boards • C1S/C2S Paper & Board
• Duplex Board (GD1GD2/GD3/White Lined Chipboard) • Duplex Board (Grey /White/Kraft Back) • Triplex Board GT1/GT2
Kraft Carrier Boards (Kcb Coated/Uncoated) Liquid Packaging Board(LPB) Sus (CNK-Coated Natural Kraft Board)


Packaging Board

Paper and Packaging Board. ... The Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB) is governed by a 12-member board elected from the participating companies and appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. The Board is headquartered outside of Washington, DC in McLean, Virginia.

We are engaged in the manufacture and export of corrugated edge board that care for packed material and renders outstanding protection during transportation, usage and storage.