What is a cardboard standup?

It’s the perfect thing to do on the weekend and for the weekend.

We’ve all heard of cardboard stand ups, the perfect way to create a makeshift stage for a live performance.

And now you can use it in your own studio too.

A few days ago, we spoke to Paul Novella, a video game developer and a fan of cardboard standsup.

Paul Novellas studio is called Game Studio and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

It’s an interactive entertainment studio where he makes video games, including one called Dead or Alive 5.

He says his studio is currently working on a new game called Paper Beats Paper, which is a “game that’s about paper and cardboard”.

“It’s a tabletop game that lets you take an idea you already have and make it interactive,” he said.

“The way I’ve been working on it is making a new piece of paper that you can fold, fold, and fold.”

What makes Paper Beats paper different is that it uses cardboard for the background.

“We don’t really do backgrounds, we use cardboard.

We think that’s the most creative way to go,” he explained.

“It’s actually very easy to make a paper-like surface, which makes it a lot more challenging to create.”

The paper is made of the same material as cardboard and is covered with paper tape.

It’s an organic material, meaning it has no carbon footprint.

You can even print it on a surface.

The studio has partnered with The Creativity Lab in the UK, where the paper is manufactured, and is currently in beta testing.

Paul says his first prototype of the game was made using cardboard.

And what’s the best part about this project?

Paul says it was made for a small group of friends who shared their ideas and helped him perfect the project.

“It was great because it’s a group of people who were in different parts of the world and they all came together to help each other,” he says.

That’s not to say it wasn’t difficult.

Paul is a self-described nerd who grew up playing video games on his Commodore 64.

He spent a lot of time building up a “digital army” of characters, weapons, and even a spaceship called The Space Station.

“When I was little, I would always create stuff for friends or other people to play with and share,” he told TechRadars.

“My first project was for my friends to make me a spaceship.

It was pretty simple and fun.”

He said he eventually wanted to create something more for the whole world, but was still struggling with that idea.

“That was kind of when I realised that my own mind was a bit larger than what my physical world could do,” he continued.

“I thought maybe I’d create something bigger and better.”

So how do you make cardboard stand up?

“I have a few different things that I use in the studio to make cardboard,” he revealed.

“Some of them are really simple and easy to use and others are a little more complicated.”

He says one of the biggest challenges he faced was getting the paper to fold.

“If you take the paper down to the back of the studio, you have to have it hold up against a piece of cardboard,” Paul explained.

“You have to fold the paper up, and then it comes right back into the studio.”

He used cardboard stand pieces to help him get this done.

“I would use a piece that was just a sheet of cardboard, and I would fold the sheet over to form a piece, and it would then fold down to make the same sheet of paper,” he recalled.

“Then, I’d then add a few more folds, then the sheet of the paper would then come back up to form the final piece.”

He explains that once the paper has been folded, you can “fold over” it.

When you fold the cardboard, it’s basically a piece made up of a layer of cardboard that is laid down, and another layer of paper.

How much does it cost?

Paul said the cost of the finished product depends on the complexity of the piece of material.

“At first, I thought, ‘oh, it’ll probably cost like £60,'” he said, “but then I realised it’s not really that expensive, and if you look at it with the eye, you’ll see that it’s really not expensive.”

He estimates the cost to be about $40-60.

What’s next?

Paul said the studio is working on other projects, including a board game called The Walking Dead, which he hopes to launch in 2019.

But the real highlight of his studio will be the new game he’s working on.

“We’ve got the game, and we’re going to do a trailer, and a trailer trailer trailer,” he joked.

Are you excited about the next big game project?

Do you think Paper Beats will be

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