How to build a cardboard castle in 3 easy steps

Cardboard castle game maker Feral Games has revealed that it has created a game that uses cardboard boxes.

The game was originally created for use as a Lego toy, but now it’s been adapted to work as a cardboard game.

The concept is a bit unorthodox, but Feral says that it’s actually quite simple.

“A game using cardboard is just like a board game using a card game, but it’s much more fun,” it said.

“The way that you do things like that is, you build a game board, and you fill it with cardboard.

And then you play that game, and the cardboard is always there.

And you can put anything on the top of that, like a statue, and it’s the same as it was before.”

It’s not clear how much of a success the game has been in terms of sales, but the company has promised that the next edition will include more cardboard boxes and a “better” controller.

“This is a great game for people who like board games, but they don’t want to do a whole lot of work to build it,” Feral said.

Feral has already been able to sell some of its games for over $100,000, and a number of Kickstarter backers have been pleased with the game’s design.

There’s also a chance that this might be the first time that a game uses cardboard as a board.

The idea is that players don’t need to go through a lot of planning, and that a player can focus on building the game rather than trying to build the castles themselves.

“You’re not building a castle when you play it, you’re building a game,” Fary said.

There are many different types of game boxes, but there are three types of cardboard boxes: “cardboard, polyester, and paper.

The paper is very flexible, and people can make whatever shapes they want,” he added.

The boxes have to be filled with cardboard to be used in the game, as the paper doesn’t stick to it.

This makes it possible to add a few different kinds of cardboard, which are called “pics,” “banners,” and “poster boards.”

The best-selling board game is Lego Dimensions, which uses cardboard.

The Lego Dimensions board game has more than 3,600 different types.

The cardboard is mostly used to make the cards, and some are used to glue them together, as well.

Fary also said that he’s working on a version of Lego Dimensions with more plastic, as “a lot of people are using plastic as well, so we’re making more.”

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