Which Bible is right? – How I decided to find my own

title A guide to what’s right and what’s wrong with The Lad bible article The Bible is a living, breathing document, which is why its so much fun to read it for yourself.

As such, it’s a fascinating tool for finding out what’s true and what isn’t.

But it also comes with its own problems, like the fact that it’s full of contradictions.

For example, if the Bible says God created the universe, does that mean he created the Earth?

Or does God only create things?

Or do you just need a miracle?

It’s all part of a complex system of beliefs, beliefs that are hard to untangle from the Bible’s other contradictions.

In fact, the Bible itself contains many contradictions, as well.

Here are ten of them.


Jesus died for your sins – The Bible says Jesus died to free you from sin.

But if you were born a Christian, you’re already guilty of sin.

If you don’t believe in Jesus, then you must have sinned too.


You are the Son of God – Some of Jesus’ followers claimed that God chose them as the Son, a divine figure.

But this doesn’t make God the Son.

In order for Jesus to be the Son he must be the personification of God’s goodness, or the Son is a false god.


You’re the only way to know if God is real – The most popular interpretation of the Bible states that God is the Son or the Word of God.

But there are many others, as you’ll see.

You should not try to tell someone who doesn’t believe that Jesus is God whether or not he is, for example, the Son (see Question 9).

You should also not try and convince a friend who doesn

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