‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’ of ‘The Last Jedi’

We’ve seen the original trailer for The Last Jedi, and now, we’ve got a look at a first look at what it’s going to be like to watch it in the theater.

And we have an exclusive look at an early scene from Episode VIII.

We’ve seen The Last Han Solo, but it was the original trilogy that gave us Han Solo.

This time around, we’re getting a much bigger look at Luke Skywalker, Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, and even the original pilot, C-3PO.

Plus, we have some new information about how this story will tie into the upcoming movie.

Check out the images below and check back here tomorrow for more coverage.

The Last Han: This was the first time that we saw the first scene of The Last Solo.

It’s actually the first big scene of the film, and it’s one of the more memorable ones.

Here, Luke (Mark Hamill) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) are in a warehouse, talking, when Han (Mark Rylance) enters.

Han gives Luke a note that says, “I can hear you.”

They’re having a conversation about the Empire and what happens to the rest of the rebels.

Han then says, “[Rey] wants to talk to me.”

We then see Han with Luke on a rooftop.

They’re talking about his mother and his sister.

Han tells Luke that his sister is the only person he can trust and tells him that he’s not going to kill her.

Then he asks Luke, “You can kill me, too.”

Han then tells Luke to get out of the way.

Luke then tells Han to get off him, but Han says, [He’s] not going anywhere, so he can talk to Rey.

Luke and Han go up to the rooftop, and Luke tells Han that he doesn’t know how to fly, so Han tells him to just stay there.

Han goes into the warehouse and starts talking to a girl, who he says, doesn’t look like her.

She says that they can meet in the elevator, and then he tells her that he has something important to tell her.

The girl says, ‘I’m Luke Skywalker.’

Then Han says that he needs to get the Millennium Falcon out of there.

Then Han starts talking about what he’s going through, saying, [That] he can’t be alone anymore, so Rey gets off the Millennium Phantom and flies up to Han.

She then tells him, “We have to do something about that kid, so I’m going to go with you.”

Han tells her, “It’s okay, Rey.

We’ll meet again, okay?”

They go back to the warehouse, where Rey has found a piece of paper.

Rey asks Han, “Is this a map?”

Han says it’s a map, but then he finds a note with the word “Ned” written on it.

They talk for a bit, and Rey tells Han, [This] is the map to the Millennium Tower.

He tells her to take the map and head over to it.

Rey says, that’s not right.

Han says to let her in.

Rey then goes to the elevator and gets off of the Millennium Ghost.

Han tries to open the elevator door, but Rey says he can open it with her.

Han looks at her, and says, we need to go back.

She puts the map in his pocket and he puts it on his shoulder.

Then they go up the elevator.

They see the Millennium Temple.

Rey goes over to a room with the Millennium Guard, who is talking about something.

Then Rey sees a figure, who she says is Luke Skywalker.

She asks, “Are you the son of the Empire?”

Luke replies, “Yes.”

Then he turns and says to the figure, “Who is the son?”

The figure responds, “Me.”

Luke then says that the Jedi must be killed, and tells Rey, “Go.”

He then says to Luke, [You] will have to kill him.

“Then they look down at the Millennium Shadow, which Luke has left behind.

They find a droid named R2-D2.

Then, they enter the Millennium Tunnel.

Luke looks at a large box, and starts to say, “There’s something in here.”

Then, he looks at something else.

Luke says, there’s a lightsaber.

Then a door opens, and they see the door to the underground.

They enter the tunnel, and there is a lightsaber on a ledge above the Millennium Eye.

They are then seen inside a small box with a small statue of an elf.

The statue looks like a little boy.

Then Luke looks around and says that this place is where they found the lightsaber.

He then looks down and sees the Millennium Key.

The Key then opens a small door, and Han is shown inside.

Han and Rey then enter the small room.

Han opens a cabinet, and a small

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