What you need to know about cardboard playhouses

The cardboard play houses that are part of the new box fort project at the Washington Theatre Company are being built with a unique concept.

The idea behind the cardboard boxes is to give them the flexibility of being easily moved and stored, but not as easily removed as the wood boxes.

The cardboard play house will be located in the main auditorium, which will house all the musical performances.

The playhouse is set to open this fall.

The project is the result of years of research and collaboration between the Washington Theater Company and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and Forestry.

The Washington Theatre Group is partnering with the State Department to help preserve this historic site.

The state is also helping the theater company with the construction of the first cardboard playroom in the nation.

The playhouse will have a unique look with a glass window that will give the public a view of the interior of the playhouse.

The windows will be covered with glass and will be painted to make them look like they are painted on the inside.

The theater will be the first in the country to use this type of technology.

The building will feature a large green roof that will be made from a single piece of plastic sheeting that will sit on the ground in the open spaces of the building.

A large piece of the roof will also be used for storage.

The new playhouse also has an open space behind the stage.

The outdoor spaces will be designed to look like spaces where the public can sit and watch shows.

There will be a green screen and sound equipment so the audience can hear the performances.

There will also also be a theater door and other openings that will make the building feel larger and more inviting.

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