Which ads will people see next?

The advertising industry’s reaction to this week’s announcement of new rules requiring websites to display advertisements for certain products has been muted, but many companies are still putting out some of the most memorable ads in recent memory.

The top 5 most memorable TV ads for this week are: #1: A New York Times reporter’s cat tank (2015) is the best example of a TV ad featuring an iconic piece of content.

The Times, in its report on the cat tank’s origins, highlighted the story behind the tank, including a photograph of a young woman holding it, captioned it “a cat tank” and made fun of the fact that cats are thought to be a health hazard.

A Times spokesperson said the report was “an attempt to show the dangers of plastic in its packaging” and that it was “unusual” for the article to use the story of the cat in a headline.

The newspaper has a history of using a photograph as a headline and caption.

#2: The Simpsons (1985) uses a series of ads to poke fun at the way the Simpsons are depicted in cartoons.

In the show, a family visits a zoo and sees a penguin who is covered in paint and is playing with a toy bear.

“It was a fun cartoon to watch and we have been very happy to have a playful response from the audience,” Lisa Simpson says in one ad.

“The penguin was also a nice touch.

We are really pleased.”

#3: The Incredible Hulk (1980) stars Bruce Banner as a Hulk who is a member of the United States military.

In one scene, Banner has his shirt off and is shown standing next to a military truck.

“This was a real time-release stunt,” the ad says.

“He was in the military for two years.

And he is still in the army.”

#4: The Dark Knight Rises (2013) features Batman, a billionaire and the Dark Knight, as they travel around the world to fight crime.

“We are a team of three,” the film says, referring to the characters.

“A man is fighting crime, a woman is fighting war and a dog is chasing a lion.

We’re all brothers and sisters.”

#5: The Walking Dead (2012) features several shots of zombies, and the first one shows a woman with a baby.

“I want you to be proud of me,” she says.

The ad features two shots of a man with his arm around a baby, then cuts to a shot of a woman walking with her baby.

It ends with a shot that shows a man and woman holding hands.

The first one features a shot in which the baby is holding the man’s hand, while the second one shows the woman with the baby.

The ads are not the only ones that have featured women holding hands in advertisements.

The popular reality show The Biggest Loser, which ran from 2001 to 2008, featured a shot where a woman holds a baby on a couch.

In another episode, a character says “I have a boyfriend.

And that’s how you have to do it.”

In 2013, the Super Bowl ad for Nike featured two women holding each other’s hands.


The Great Train Robbery of 1873 was filmed by an ad agency that also made ads for Coca-Cola, General Motors, McDonald’s and the US Postal Service.

The scene shows a carriage full of postal workers on a train, which ends with an ad for a box of cereal.

The two ads have a similar tone, but the one from the ad agency is more memorable.


The Lion King (1994) features a young lion with a hat, who gets chased by a dog.

In a scene that shows the lion getting chased by the dog, the lion is shown with his hat on.

The dog has a big black paw on its mouth.

“Lion King,” the poster says, and then it shows the dog with its paw on the lion’s neck.


The Lego Movie (2013): An older woman is playing the role of a princess, and a camera shows her walking through a castle with her daughter.

She is also shown holding her child.

“There are no words,” the caption says.

In an ad from 2013, a man in a pink dress is shown holding a baby who is crying, which makes it appear that he is crying because he is having a baby for the first time.

In 2014, a TV commercial showed a man, dressed in a black dress, holding a young girl.

“Mommy, I am holding you in my arms,” the man says.

A video from 2014 showed a woman holding a child in her arms, while her son was also holding a doll.


The Legend of Korra (2016) features two female characters holding hands, one holding a book, the other holding a flower.

The woman holding the book looks similar to a character from the video game The Legend: Avatar: The

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