Which one is the best LEGO set?

FourFourFive: Which LEGO sets are best?

article 4:30pm: LEGO has launched the world’s first ever LEGO toy that’s set to become the hottest toy in the world, with the new version of the Iron Man set set due for release in January.

The Iron Man 1.0 set comes with a full-body suit and comes with Iron Man’s signature weapon, a gun called the ‘Mighty Launcher’.

It’s the first LEGO set to feature the suit as a character, and it’s the only set to be released in the series’ new, more affordable LEGO Dimensions.

While Iron Man is the star of the set, the new Iron Man 3.0 comes with more action and features the same suit.

The new set comes in at a hefty $4,500, and will be available for pre-order later this month.

The Lego Iron Man sets were designed by the team behind the popular Star Wars toys line.

The sets come with LEGO’s new Power Packs and are set to go on sale in January 2019.

“With LEGO’s Power Packs, we’ve built a brand new set of toys that we believe will delight LEGO fans and make the Iron Men a new favorite of LEGO fans,” said Jeff Williams, the chief creative officer at LEGO.

“It’s the perfect combination of action and creativity that we want to bring to fans everywhere.”

The set also includes the same toys as the original Iron Man, which are set in a new, smaller Iron Man world.

The new Iron Men come with a variety of vehicles and gadgets, including the Iron Cannon, a massive missile that can launch Iron Man to a range of heights.

There are also new mini sets including a robot, a robot car, and a hoverboard.

The LEGO Iron Man range is a massive hit with fans.

In its first month of availability, it sold over 4.5 million pieces.

It’s worth noting that the Ironman 1.5 and 2.0 sets will be the first to be available in the LEGO Dimensions range, which will be coming to all brick-and-mortar stores and online in February 2019.

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