How to decorate your own gingerbread houses

How to Create a DIY gingerbread House That Looks Like A Real House article You may have seen the ad for this cardboard cutout house in a TV commercial.

In the ad, a cardboard cut-out house is seen on a shelf, as the house is supposed to look like a real house.

The house is painted red and yellow, and it’s surrounded by cardboard cut outs that are supposed to represent the exterior of the house. 

This house isn’t actually a gingerbread, however.

It’s a real gingerbread that you can decorate yourself with, according to the ad. 

The ad was created by an ad agency called Filippo Sartorini, which is based in Italy.

The ad has been shared more than 15,000 times on Instagram.

It depicts a cardboard house in the real world, with cardboard cut out houses in the back and walls, with a red and green pumpkin carving in the front and a wooden table in the living room. 

It’s all pretty neat, and a nice idea.

But it’s not exactly an authentic gingerbread. 

If you take a look at the ad in full, you’ll notice the house doesn’t have a kitchen, as it was only shown in the commercial.

It does have a few decorations, though. 

There are two wooden tables, a fire pit, and two bookshelves.

There are also two bookshelf covers, a wall display, and three Christmas decorations. 

You can also see the decor inside the house, though there’s a lot of cardboard in the house (about a quarter of the size of a large pumpkin). 

If that’s not enough, there are also cut-outs for various things in the room, such as an oven, a fireplace, a bed, a couch, a dining table, and several other objects. 

But even if you don’t have access to a wood-burning stove, you can still get creative with the decorating. 

Filippo says you can put up various Christmas decorations on the walls of the room.

You can even use cardboard cut up cutouts to decorates a wall.

You might think this is all pretty cool, but the real thing is, it’s actually pretty boring.

You have a wooden fireplace, you have a fireplace stand, you don.t have a Christmas tree, you just have a tree. 

And then there’s the fire. 

While you can use cardboard to decorating your gingerbread home, there’s one thing that can really ruin it: the fire itself. 

“There is no fireplace, no fireplace stand,” Filippio explains in the ad . 

That’s because a fire requires a spark to ignite it, which means you need to place it in a certain spot, or else it’s going to catch fire.

“It is not good to place the fireplace in the middle of the wall.

Otherwise the fire will catch fire.” 

And, as mentioned before, the cardboard cut cut outs won’t help either. 

That means the gingerbread decorator’s home is going to look less like a house and more like a cookie jar. 

To fix this, you could just buy a new fire, or you could build a new one. 

(That’s a good idea, because you can actually buy a fire-starter for about half the cost of a new fireplace.) 

But there’s also a way to make the decorator happy, and that’s to buy some decorations for the fireplace itself.

There’s also another way to decorat your gingerbros house: decorate the inside of the box that you put the gingerbronx inside. 

So here’s how to decorately put a gingerbreeze in your house, according the Filippos ad.

The instructions for this trick are as follows: 1.

Remove the old wooden box that holds the gingerBronx. 


Use the glue stick on the glue on the wooden box to make a “tape.” 


Add a piece of cardboard cut down to the size you want. 


Place the cardboard in place. 


You’re done!

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