How to Make a Baseball Cardboard Cutout

I made a cardboard baseball card for my grandson, and he’s really loving it.

And he loves it.

This card was so fun and so easy to make, and it was a really easy way to keep my grandson busy while playing baseball with his friends.

I love how he could put his baseball cards on the top of the plate and then quickly put the cardboard cutout cards on top of it, so it looks like he’s batting for the team.

And, of course, it’s a great gift for your grandkids too!

We even got him one of the cardboard baseball cutouts.

He loves it!

And I hope you do too!

The cardboard baseball cards come in two sizes: A and B, and can be used in any color of baseball cardstock.

The cards have a durable feel and look great in the box, too.

You can find the full instructions on how to make cardboard baseball deck boxes here. 

Here are the instructions for making your own cardboard baseball box: 1.

Cut out cardboard cards.

(We used baseball cards because that’s what he likes.) 


Lay the cardboard cards on a flat surface, and fold them in half.

(That’s how you can see the middle portion of the card.) 


Cut each half into two strips and lay them side by side on the cardboard. 


Cut one of each strip into three strips and then fold them up again. 


Place the cardstock sheets back together. 


Fold the top half of each card back down into place, and then put the top cardboard back on the bottom. 


Repeat this process for the other half of the cards. 


Repeat for the middle card. 


Fold over the top piece of cardstock to seal it. 10. 

Place the card on a sturdy surface, with the edges slightly angled. 


Fold back the cardboard sheet to seal the cardboard, and secure the cardboard with two sheets of masking tape. 


Make sure the cardboard sheets are aligned with the baseball card, and not overlapping each other. 


Take the card out of the box and place it on the table. 


Lay the cards on flat cardboard on the ground, with a few inches between them to help keep the cards from sliding. 


Place your cardboard cut outs in the corners of the boxes. 


Make sure the sides of the cutouts are aligned. 


Use the masking-tape to seal all the corners. 


When the cardboard is all in place, put it in the refrigerator for a few hours. 


Put a baseball cap on your grandson’s cardboard baseball. 


Have your grandson come home and start batting for you. 


Your grandson is getting a real kick out of playing with the cardboard!

And, while it may not be the most popular gift for a grandchild, it sure is fun and easy to do.

It’s a really nice way to spend time with your grandkid, and you can even make it a tradition to share with your other grandkids!

Make a gift today!

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