How to Build a Cardboard Christmas House: A DIY guide

It was a good year to be a cardboard fireman, and a great year to start building your own Christmas tree.

Here are a few DIY instructions for getting your own cozy cardboard Christmas tree out of your garage, living room or office.1.

Pick a Christmas tree and start the woodworking process1.

Take a few hours to assemble your tree.

Take the time to carefully sand down the tree’s trunk, trim and carve out the base of the tree.2.

Cut the tree into 10 pieces and attach the base to each of the pieces with the wooden dowel.3.

Drill a hole through the base and glue the dowel to the bottom of the base.4.

Attach the base onto the wood and attach it to the tree using the wooden screws.5.

Put the tree in your garage and enjoy a few days of cozy Christmas fun!6.

Cut down your tree into 12 pieces.7.

Attached to the base, attach the wood dowel and glue to the top of the dowels.8.

Attaching the base over the base is simple, but it will take a bit of time.

This step can be skipped if you don’t need the wood to be glued.9.

Add the tree to your living room and enjoy your cozy Christmas tree!

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