The cardboard cutout that made you look like a baseball player

A cardboard cut-out of yourself is the most iconic object in the world.

It has become an emblem of the people who make and sell it.

Now, a team of scientists has created a cardboard cut out that can be printed on to a surface that resembles a baseball ball.

The results could be used for printing the cardboard cut outs of people who are sick, or for other projects.

The team from the University of Southern California, in collaboration with researchers at the University at Buffalo and the University College London, used an adhesive that was easy to apply to plastic and plastic-like materials to create a flexible plastic sheet that could be printed onto.

The plastic sheet is printed using a chemical reaction to form a polyvinyl alcohol film.

The polymer was then deposited onto a substrate that mimics a surface of the actual ball, creating a printed sheet.

The researchers were able to create two different versions of the printouts.

The first version was a cutout of the player, while the second version was made of cardboard cut pieces.

This could be a useful tool to help identify and track those who might be sick or injured.

The scientists hope the cardboard cuts will help people in the future to see the cardboard they are making in the right light.

The research was published in the journal Science Advances.

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