A cardboard recycling truck can deliver 1 ton of cardboard

A cardboard trash can with a capacity of 1 ton can deliver up to 1 tonne of cardboard and recyclables to recycling facilities in Canada.

The truck, a cardboard recycling vehicle, was unveiled at a public event held by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union in Toronto on Tuesday.

The cardboard recycling is an alternative to building new containers or transporting the recyclable material by rail.

In Ontario, it is not legal for municipalities to make the containers and recycles available to the public, and in some cases, they are required to make them available for recycling in other jurisdictions.

The new recycling trucks have the ability to deliver the cardboard to locations in Canada that have limited access to public facilities.

The truck was designed by the company Grainger, which specializes in providing recycling and reuse solutions for companies and governments.

Grainger is also a supplier to the City of Toronto and the Toronto Fire Service.

The Toronto City Council is considering whether to create a special fund to cover the cost of the trucks, which will be used to purchase and maintain the trucks.

Graingers said it has spent $1.3 million to design the vehicles, which are made of aluminum and glass, and the materials that make them.

The materials that made the cardboard recycling vehicles, such as aluminum and carbon fiber, can be reused.

The City of Winnipeg has also launched a pilot program to test the viability of the cardboard trash cans.

It said the first batch of 100,000 cardboard trash containers are expected to be delivered to its wastewater treatment plant by July 1, 2020.

The trucks will be placed in the sewage plant, where they will be recycled and recycled again.

The first shipment will be filled with trash and will be distributed to customers in Winnipeg’s east end.

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