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The Australian Government has announced a raft of new initiatives aimed at reducing the country’s carbon footprint, including introducing a new set of carbon credits and making cardboard boxes more sustainable.

Key points:The government will offer $50m in carbon credits to businesses and households to help them reduce their carbon footprintThe scheme is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 500,000 tonnes annuallyAustralia is the world’s biggest emitter of CO2, but it is also the world lead in producing the material that the world uses to make everything from cardboard boxes to paper and wood.

While the Government has promised to create a range of carbon credit schemes, there has been no formal announcement of any new carbon credit programs yet.

“We are now embarking on a massive expansion of our carbon credit program to offer billions of dollars to small businesses, small businesses across Australia, to start the transition from a fossil fuel-based economy,” Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg said.

“To do that, we need to make the switch to a low-carbon economy and the carbon credit will help to achieve that goal.”

The carbon credits will be available for businesses and consumers to buy through the carbon tax rebate program.

Mr Frydenburgh said the carbon credits would help businesses and small businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 500,00 tonnes per annum.

“The carbon credit is an effective tool to help businesses save money and reduce their costs,” he said.

The scheme will also give small businesses the option to sell their carbon-intensive products.

“Small businesses that produce goods and services that are carbon intensive or that can be sold at an elevated price will be able to buy carbon credits that they can sell on at a reduced price, which will help the Australian economy achieve its CO2 reduction goals,” Mr Frydenbrook said.

But Mr Frydens said the scheme would not be the only incentive to help small businesses.

“There are some other programs, which are very attractive to small business, that are not carbon credits,” he told the ABC.

“One of those is the carbon rebate, which is not only good for small businesses but good for consumers and the community as well.”‘

This is not a good idea’One of the most powerful incentives for small business to start investing in carbon-free products is the government’s new carbon tax rebates.

“Our carbon rebate is one of the things that has made it so much easier for small companies to start trading carbon credits at low prices,” Mr Cook said.

Mr Cook said the Government was working to provide incentives for businesses to start using these carbon credits, and said they were being targeted to small companies in particular.

“This is one thing that has helped to drive the industry into a new market,” he explained.

“And what we’ve been doing over the last couple of years is offering the rebates to small firms that are also doing carbon credits.”

They’re getting a rebate of $50, which works out to a rebate that’s about 20 cents a tonne, which really helps them to compete.

“Small business owners say it will take time to change their business model from an emissions-intensive to a sustainable one, and there is a real risk that the government will not provide the incentives in time.”

I don’t think this is a good move at all, this is not something that we should be encouraging our small businesses to do,” one small business owner told the Nine Network.”

If they want to be able, and they want us to provide them with this, then that’s fine, but we need them to start to do that now, right now,” the other owner added.”

Because this is something that is going to take time.

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