When the next cardboard fireplace is in the works

According to the official announcement, the new fireplace will be a “new design with a modern flair.”

It will be “a unique feature of this year’s Christmas Tree,” and will be placed “between the Christmas Tree and the Christmas Wall,” so that the fireplace will remain “an extension of the tree and the wall.”

The official announcement says the fireplace is “designed to be used with cardboard, and features a traditional Christmas tree-style design with cardboard fireplaces.

It features a modern style, with a bright, colorful and decorative interior.

It is designed to blend seamlessly into the decor of the Christmas tree.”

The new fireplace is also going to be a limited edition, with only 25 of them made.

Each one will feature a cardboard fireplace with a wood grain, and will include a box, a box insert, and a cardstock Christmas tree.

It will also include a gift bag.

Each of the 25 wooden boxes will be made out of anodized aluminum and will feature an etched design on the inside.

The box insert will feature the word “FLEXIBLE.”

The company behind the fireplace said that they’re looking to bring the product to the US, and that they have plans to expand into other countries as well.

According to the company, the cardboard fireplace will “enable the new generation of Christmas tree enthusiasts to create their own festive decorations.”

They will be able to create new Christmas tree sets with cardboard fireplace accessories that will be the first of its kind in the world.

They’ll also be able create the first ever Christmas tree accessories with cardboard furniture, such as a tree stand and tree trunk stand.

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