How to make a cardboard cat scratch mat from scratch

As a child I was often asked what cardboard would look like if I made it.

My answer was always, cardboard, and then the question went on and on.

I knew that if I was going to be able to make something like that, I needed to know exactly what I was doing.

Then I found a cardboard scraper.

So I made a scrapbook with a cardboard box and a cardboard scratch mat.

And it was amazing, right?

But then I realized, cardboard scratch mats are pretty hard to make.

The idea was that I would make a few cardboard boxes, and I would put cardboard in each one.

And the cardboard would then be cut up into smaller pieces, and the cardboard boxes would be filled with the scraps, and all of this would be put in a cardboard crate and then transported to a cardboard building.

And so I thought that that would be pretty cool.

So here I am, trying to make cardboard scratchmats, and instead of getting a really nice cardboard box, I get a really crappy cardboard crate.

But then, instead of being able to use the scraps to make the scratch mat, I can’t use them for anything.

So that’s a little frustrating, right.

So this cardboard crate thing just kind of took over my life, so it was kind of like I had to figure out how to make that scratch mat myself.

So how do you make a scratch mat that’s really good at making scratches?

I mean, I would think, well, maybe I’ll make one from scratch.

And then I would just make a couple of cardboard boxes and I’d put the cardboard inside the cardboard box.

But the cardboard crate wouldn’t work.

I’d need to cut out a piece of cardboard from the cardboard and put it in the cardboard scratchmat, which would make it scratchier, and it would make the cardboard stick to the cardboard.

So the cardboard cage would be a real pain.

But if I just put a cardboard cube in there and it wouldn’t scratch, then I’d just have to use a cardboard tube and put that in there as well.

And that’s when I realized cardboard scratch-mats aren’t really great for making scratches.

And in fact, they’re probably worse than cardboard boxes.

And when I thought about it, I just realized that I had a really bad scratchmat for making scratchy stuff.

I mean it just isn’t good enough.

So instead of just making a cardboard block, I actually made a cardboard square, and now I can make a really good scratchmat.

And there’s this really nice, really nice scratchmat that I got for about $30 on eBay.

And I’m like, this is really good, but it’s not scratchy enough.

And you know, I’ve always been like, okay, that’s okay, because this is my scratchmat!

It’s really scratchy.

So now I’m using it to make this really good cardboard scratchpad.

But, you know what?

I actually found a really easy way to make it.

It’s actually pretty easy to make, and so I’m really happy with that.

So you can buy a cardboard rectangle from a store, and put a small piece of it in a box, and if you put it all in there, then you’ll have something like this.

And now you can do this for your cardboard box too, which is kind of a really cool little trick that I don’t really know how to do.

I don’ think it’s a very cool trick, and this was just a really simple one to make and it was really fun.

And, you can see that I just filled in some gaps in my scratch mat and now it works just as well as it would if I had just just made the scratchpad from scratch, but now it’s scratchier and I can scratch the cardboard from outside.

So it works for cardboard boxes too.

So, this was an exercise, really, in how to be a little more creative with cardboard scratch pads.

And actually, it’s really easy to do this, so you just make one, and when you’re done, you have something really, really scratch-resistant.

And this was made by a guy called Alex.

And he’s a really creative guy.

And we’re working on some other stuff.

And hopefully that’ll come out soon.

And if you want to see more of his stuff, he’s on YouTube.

He’s kind of on YouTube for a reason.

But you can also watch him doing his own thing on his channel.

And also, there’s a couple videos on YouTube that show him doing all kinds of things.

So if you’ve got some spare time, you should check him out.

And what else?

He’s doing some kind of music videos, too.

But he’s also making some really cool things.

He even has a website, so if you’d like to see what he’s doing, you could check that out

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