Which words to use on Facebook to get more likes?

A survey by the advertising agency Kantar Worldpanel shows that most people are choosing “social” to get the most likes on Facebook, while “social engagement” is seen as more likely to garner more likes.

The survey shows that social engagement on Facebook is seen by many as a key element to a Facebook user’s engagement and engagement level.

The “social experience” was ranked at the bottom of the list of top priorities by nearly a third of respondents, with “personal” seen at the top of the chart.

The results show that “social media” is viewed as more important than “social interaction” in getting people to like or share a post on Facebook.

The top priorities for Facebook users include “liking” and “following”, followed by “likes” and sharing.

The other top priorities are “liked” and a “friend” and followed by a “share”.

However, respondents preferred “likers” over “followers” to “loved” and shared more than two posts in a row, while those who follow a friend “like” less than two of those posts.

The study also showed that the top priorities were shared by “friends” and by “family”, followed closely by “personal”.

“Social media” was viewed as a top priority in the UK, with social engagement ranked at number one and personal engagement at number two.

The US and Germany were the only countries to see people prioritise “linking” to their profile picture over “likings” or “follows”.

Other top priorities include “photos”, “friends”, “lives” and, most interestingly, “trending”.

This was seen as a priority for a number of reasons, including “licking my shoes” (34%), and “lending money” (32%).

It was also ranked as the most important priority for those aged 18-34.

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