Cartoon paper has gone down after being vandalised

A cartoon paper that was vandalised last week by the local branch of the cartoon paper in the small town of Wuhan has gone up.

A local resident in Wuhong city, Jiangsu province, told the China Daily newspaper on Wednesday that his neighbour was responsible for the vandalism, which took place after he put up a poster in front of the newspaper’s offices on Sunday.

“The local paper has decided to cancel its cartoon paper subscription, but I hope the people who vandalised the paper will not be able to cause any problems again,” said the man, surnamed Yang.

“This incident has already been resolved.

The local paper will definitely keep the paper subscription.”

Wuhwan is located on the southern coast of China, and was one of the first places to be targeted by a wave of mainland anti-government protests in 2014.

“It’s very important for the local paper to be held responsible,” said Yang.

He said he had called the local newspaper to complain about the graffiti.

“They asked me to stop making the paper’s cartoon and instead use cardboard rolls, so that I would have a chance to write the story,” he said.

“In other words, the paper must be responsible for this incident.

If they want to continue with the cartoons, they can do that.

If not, they will have to pay me for it.”

Local newspaper is the most popular paper in Jiangsu, Yang said.

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