How to build a cardboard castle with your own Lego

A new set of instructions on how to build your own cardboard castle is making waves across the web.

The instructions are available online for free and have already been shared by several celebrities.

They come in two different flavors: a “real-world” version and an online “virtual-reality” version.

The first version of the instructions shows you how to take apart a piece of cardboard and use it to build an actual castle out of bricks.

The second one, called a “virtual” version, shows you just how to create a virtual version of a real-world castle.

Both versions of the instruction also teach you how not to accidentally knock your castle over.

The cardboard instructions come in three different sizes: about 1″ by 1″ (about 3mm by 3mm), 2″ by 2″ (2.5mm by 2mm), and 3″ by 3″ (3.5cm by 3cm).

The instructions include a number of handy tools.

One shows you where to put your screws.

The other shows you the way to glue a small cardboard rectangle to a block of cardboard.

The last section shows you using your hands to cut out the pieces of cardboard you need to assemble your castle.

The directions are also available on YouTube and you can find a photo of the finished castle here.

Here’s the full video: Lego Castle Diy: How to Build a Castle Out of Cards Lego Castle Diy: How To Build a Wooden Castle http://youtube.c…p1c_eXqEe8 Lego Castle Run: How The LEGO® Castle Run Kit Works http.h…y9s9wZtjE Lego Castle Rodeo: How the Lego® Castle Rodyssey™ Game Play Works  http://youtu…c1c3jYbqQb Lego Castle: How a Lego® Wooden Castle Built from 1,000 Lego® bricks http://www…l…t-mj9t0.jpg Lego Castle Kit: How It Works http/ http/ https://youtu!…/0g8hj0fJU4c Lego Castle Story: How You Can Build Your Own LEGO® Brick Castle https://youtube…m_s7dw2qWg.jpg Here are some other pictures of the completed castle: /u/slimmy/photos/Lampry.gif Lego Castle Castle Diyo: How A Wooden Castle Made From 1,200 Lego® Lego Brick Pieces http://i.imgur….l1b1x0r.jpg LEGO Castle Diyon: How Your LEGO® Wooden castle Made from 1.5 Million Lego® LEGO® Lego® Brick Pieces http…n/p6kXm9rXc.jpg  http/o/l0b1w3rXr.png Lego Castle Ride: How How The Lego® Legoland® Ride Works https/ https/ Lego Castle Build: How Lego Builds a Wooden Wooden Castle Using 1,400 Lego® Lego Castle Dash: How an Lego® Wifi-enabled Castle Dash  https/r/lego/comments/5yj3l1/how_to_build_a_wifi_enabled_castle_dash/ Lego Castle Challenge: How your Lego® castle is powered by 1,600 Lego® – the most powerful Lego LEGO® building engine available  https/…lzp1g4/build_lego_castle/ Lego Castaway: How LEGO Castle has a lot of tricks up its sleeve!

[via @bobthelion]

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