How to make cardboard crafts and learn to make them from scratch

In December of 2015, the first official LEGO brick sold at a Canadian LEGO store was an orange LEGO box that looked like a cardboard box and was decorated with cartoon characters and scenes from the popular Disney cartoon Finding Nemo.

While that was an incredible first for LEGO, the company has since been working on building more elaborate brick creations, like these red LEGO bricks that look like they could be the next Star Wars.

The red bricks were a result of an innovative design by a LEGO team that is now working with some of Canada’s top artists to create more detailed and realistic LEGO bricks.

A few months ago, the Canadian LEGO community was invited to the company’s headquarters in Toronto for a tour of the company, which opened in the fall of 2016.

The company’s brick factory is also currently in development.

Here are some of the best and most creative ways to create a LEGO brick from scratch.


Red brick at the LEGO shop: Using a red paintbrush, a laser and some hot glue, a designer can turn any LEGO brick into a vibrant red brick that will stand out from the other LEGO bricks in a home.

(Pete Kielz/CBC)A few of the designs the company is working on include a red brick at a home, a red LEGO brick for a party, and a red bricks at work.

“We are starting with a red Brick at work and then we have the next one and we have one next to the red Brick,” said Marcie Ouellette, creative director of the Brick Lab at the BrickLab in Toronto.

“The next one is red and then red and red.”

“The blue Brick is like the blue Brick but with a blue brick in it.

You can make that blue Brick into a red one.”

A red brick can be used in a number of ways, from a birthday gift for your child to a birthday party or even for an event that needs a bright red finish.


Red LEGO bricks for a red wedding: Red bricks are also used for decorations for red weddings and red-themed parties.

The bricks are sold in brick boxes that are filled with the paint, and the bricks are then placed inside the boxes and then left to dry for 24 hours.

“You can have a red and a blue wedding and it’s a beautiful thing,” said John Jockel, a licensed real estate broker with Jockex Properties in Ottawa.

“If you do a red, you can have the bride and groom on one side and the bride on the other side, and there’s a red carpet and a bride and bride are dressed up and it looks great.”

A bride can make the wedding dress red, and use red bricks to add more detail to the dress.

(John Jockell/CBC News) 3.

Red bricks at a wedding: You can add a little color to your wedding dress by creating a red Lego brick for the bride to wear to the wedding.

This wedding dress would be perfect if you were wearing a red dress and a white dress.

You could use a red piece of paper and red Lego bricks to make the dress red.

(Sarah Sjogren/CBC )”There’s a reason why we’re making this red wedding dress.

We think it’s so great because it’s really unique,” said Stephanie Sjoljovic, who is designing a red Wedding Dress at The Bridal Studio in Toronto, which will be used at a red-tie reception in 2018.

“It’s red, it’s sparkly, it has some sparkle to it.

It’s really special.”

The red brick is made of red Lego pieces that are glued to each other, with the bricks forming a “stretch” that extends down the sides of the dress and up the back.

“I’m trying to create an elegant and glamorous wedding dress for our bride,” said Sjovic.

“There’s something very sexy about the red Lego.”


Red Lego bricks for your birthday party: Lego bricks are used for party decorations for birthday parties.

They are sold as sets of three bricks, with two bricks for each of the party participants.

“My favourite is to put a red bucket of paint in the bucket and then have a blue bucket of paints and a purple bucket of colors in the blue bucket and a green bucket of blue paints in the red bucket,” said Jochel, who works with a company called Lego Dimensions.

“And then it’s up to the party organizer what to do with the blue and the green buckets and the red buckets.

You might just use one of them for the blue one and then the red one and use the other one for the green one.”

Red bricks can be put in an assortment of colors to add some personality to your party.

(Dave Doody/CBCNews) 5.

Red Brick for a house party: Red LEGO brick decorating a house is a popular way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary,

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