A new look at the first president’s first full day as commander in chief

The Associated Press article Washington (AP) President Donald Trump on Thursday morning began his first full-day in office by visiting a federal courthouse to deliver a message to federal judges in a lawsuit that he wants to delay the implementation of his controversial travel ban.

Trump and his legal team said in a statement that they had “no legal obligation” to delay implementation of the new travel ban that he signed into law last month.

The ban, which was set to go into effect Saturday, has been challenged by the government and some federal judges, but Trump’s lawyers said in the statement they were confident that it would be upheld.

The new administration has not released any detailed information about how the travel ban would work, but it would require the government to show a “reasonable likelihood” that people from six Muslim-majority countries would be barred from entering the U.S. and would be denied visas.

That is a standard for an emergency travel ban and has been used by Trump in the past.

The administration says the travel restriction is designed to protect Americans and is not meant to discriminate.

The judge who issued the temporary restraining order that halted Trump’s executive order also issued a statement late Thursday saying he had no confidence that Trump’s order would survive legal challenges.

The Trump administration has sought to get the judge’s order temporarily halted by arguing that the ban would not be enforced in a way that is consistent with the constitutional right to travel.

The judge in the case, Theodore Chuang, said he would not halt the ban until the court has reviewed the case.

Trump’s lawyers have argued that the travel restrictions are not in conflict with the First Amendment because the Supreme Court has repeatedly struck down restrictions on political speech.

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