Inside a cardboard boat with a Lamborghini’s body and wheels: An incredible adventure

The journey from home to the seaside in the back of a cardboard cargo boat was a unique experience, but a rare one.

The voyage began in the sleepy fishing village of Zoua, in the Niger Delta, and ended in the city of Lagos, in Nigeria’s largest city.

We caught up with the owners of the small boat and a crew of fishermen to find out more.

What is a cardboard balercap boat?

A cardboard balerkart boat is a small wooden boat used by the locals to get around the villages and towns in the Gulf of Guinea, the Atlantic and the Niger River Delta.

The boat can carry up to 50 people, all of whom can live off their own income.

It can be used to cross the waters of the Niger river to reach the coast.

A cardboard boat can also be used as a fishing vessel to fish in the region.

How many people can live on a cardboard raft?

There are about 1,000 households in the village of Guzou, which is located in the northeast corner of the island.

The village is about 25 kilometers (18 miles) from Lagos.

A wooden raft can accommodate up to four people, including children and pregnant women.

It also has a deck with a deck and a seat.

What are the requirements for a cardboard fishing boat?

You need to be a fisherman, but there are no requirements for people to be fishing.

It is not a traditional fishing boat.

What do the fishermen say about the cardboard boat?

They say that it is very comfortable and it is safe.

Can you imagine being in a wooden boat and being able to stand up on the deck?

People are very friendly.

We are used to it.

Can we eat in the boat?

Yes, but it is not really a good idea because it is too small.

What can you do with the cardboard raft on a boat?

It is very important to us to have the right conditions to survive in the wild.

The raft has a wooden frame, so it is difficult to find fish, but we can use the bamboo poles to reach out to the sea.

We have a lot of fish in our nets.

How long is the journey?

The journey takes about two hours and a half, depending on the weather.

The trip ends in Lagos on the island of St. George.

What happens on the way to Lagos?

After you leave the village, there is a journey to Lagom, in northern Nigeria, which takes about three hours.

Then we return to Zouah.

There is no fishing at the end of the journey.

What kind of boats do the locals use for fishing?

People use cardboard rafts for fishing.

Can they fish in a cardboard balloon?


Can the locals eat in a balloon?

They can eat in cardboard raft.

How much food is enough for a person to eat?

The people of Zoulou, in southern Nigeria, are very strict when it comes to food.

They do not allow people to eat more than one meal a day.

Do they feed their children on a wooden raft?

They do, but they have to leave them alone at the time they go to school.

What type of food do the children eat?

They eat the fish, the fruits, the vegetables, the nuts.

They are very good at it.

How are the children treated when they are on the raft?

The children do not go to schools.

We take them to the river, where they can fish and eat.

What about the environment?

They live in the river.

The river is polluted with the runoff from the fishing industry, and they are not allowed to go out of the river in any way.

They have to swim around in the mud to get water.

Can children play in the water?

The river has a lot more fish than the river that they live in.

The children swim in the muddy river.

How do they handle the floods in the River Niger?

They go out there in the summer, when it rains, and we have to be careful.

They go to the banks to get some water.

How about children?

The rivers are very dangerous.

There are people who are very old, and the children have no life jackets, no blankets, no shoes, and can not swim.

Is there any food?


How can they survive without water?

They need water.

Are there any fish?

No, they do not have fish.

Can people get married on the boat, or can they live together on a ship?


Can you have children?


Can the children ride a bike?

Yes in the rivers.

How did the boat get here?

The boat arrived at Zouou, on the Niger delta island of Zoé.

The first day was spent in the town of Zoulsi, on Zoui Island.

After that, the boat was picked up in the sea near

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