How to Make Cardboard Recycling Bins, Cards, and More with LEGO

It may be the ultimate DIY project, but cardboard recycling bins are one of the easiest ways to get cardboard back into the recycling bin and make it back to the shelves.

And that’s why we’ve rounded up our top 5 cardboard recycling tips to help you get your recycling done with ease.


Make a cardboard recycling container from a plastic box and make a cardboard box.

This tutorial shows you how to make a basic cardboard recycling box from a piece of cardboard.

The cardboard recycling bucket is perfect for filling with your favorite paper, food scraps, and even small packages of cereal.

Once you have the container, just make the box.


Use a cardboard bin to fill your recycling container.

To fill a cardboard recycler, you need a small plastic container and a plastic container of cardboard that you can use to fill the container.

The recycling bucket has two holes, one on the bottom and one on top.

To make a plastic recycling bin that can hold up to 20 boxes, you’ll need to purchase a small box.

The box you buy will have a plastic lid, so make sure the lid is the same size as the cardboard box that you want to use for your recycling bin.


Fill the cardboard recycling basket with cardboard.

Once your plastic recycling bucket and cardboard recycling bottle are both filled, it’s time to add the cardboard back to your recycling basket.

To do this, fold your plastic cardboard recycling buckets into a bag and then put the bag on top of your recycling bucket.

Make sure to seal the bag.


Use the plastic recycling basket to fill up your recycling recycling bin with cardboard for the first time.

To use your plastic recycler for the recycling, place it in the recycling basket and place the cardboard inside.

Put the recycling recycling bucket back on top and then use your reusable cardboard recycling bag to refill the recycling bucket with cardboard again.


Put plastic recycling bins back in your recycling bins.

Make the plastic bins available for reuse by placing them in your plastic bins.

These plastic bins can also be used to hold recyclables such as food scraps and cereal boxes.

The plastic recycling buckets and plastic recycling bottles can also come in handy to add to your recyclable bin for storage or as a small, reusable grocery bag for your kids.

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