What to read next in the world of VR and AR

The first wave of AR headsets like Google Cardboard are the latest examples of the emerging field of virtual reality, which lets you see images and interact with the world in the real world.

It’s similar to what we do in video games, but instead of using a headset you’re using a controller that uses infrared sensors to track your head movements and position.

But that’s not all: VR headsets can also record and share real-time video to make the experience feel real and immersive.

These kinds of things are getting a lot of attention, but what about augmented reality, the new field of VR that’s more immersive than virtual reality but doesn’t require a bulky headset?

And what about what will come after?

Here are some questions we’re asking about the future of AR and AR devices, and what you can expect when the technology finally comes to the consumer market.1.

Will AR be more than just video games?

AR headsets are great for a quick experience, but it could be a while before we get to see the type of AR experiences that can truly capture the imaginations of people.

VR headsets are designed to look realistic, so they often don’t offer the kind of interactive elements that you see in the virtual world.

So what will we see in AR headsets?

We’re going to see more and more augmented reality content, like a VR map of a city.

AR headsets also offer a new way to interact with your surroundings: AR cameras can capture virtual objects like trees, buildings, or people, and then display the captured objects in a virtual environment.

AR cameras also record your head movement and can use this data to build 3D models of your surroundings, which are then used to create a virtual reality experience that you can experience on the headset.2.

Will augmented reality devices be able to track our facial features?

Face recognition is a powerful technology, and companies are already building products that can recognize facial features like eyes and mouth.

But how will they be able, in a time when facial recognition is still just a theory?

Face tracking devices, or facial recognition devices, will help you track your body movements and facial expressions, which will help improve the way AR devices can track you.

AR devices also use cameras to capture virtual faces, and will then show them to you in 3D space.3.

Will VR headsets capture facial expressions?

We don’t know yet.

Some of the most successful AR headsets have been built to take a face-to-face look at what you’re seeing on the screen.

But we’re also seeing more devices with cameras that capture facial animations like those you see when you see a virtual avatar or a virtual face in a video game.

For example, Google Cardboards, which were first released in 2015, have cameras that can record facial expressions for each person on the device, which can then be used in AR games.4.

Will virtual reality headsets capture our bodies?

Yes, but not all VR headsets will be able get this right.

Some VR headsets, like the Samsung Gear VR, won’t capture your body’s natural movements.

You can see this in the images of people walking around in virtual reality.

But these devices will still record the movements of your head, your hands, and your fingers, which could help improve how they look and feel.5.

Will Virtual Reality headsets work in a physical environment?

AR and VR headsets may look and work just fine in a lab, but they’re not perfect in a real-world setting.

For instance, they’re far less immersive than they could be if you’re actually sitting in a space with real people around you.

If you’re working in a store, you might have an easy time wearing a VR headset and seeing the world around you as if you were in a game.

But in a restaurant or an office, you’re going be less comfortable.

For the most part, though, the technology will work fine in the physical world.6.

Will they work in different locations?

AR devices will likely work in locations like airports, museums, and other spaces where people are interacting in a large group.

Some devices may be able work in less crowded environments, but for the most people it’s unlikely that they’ll work in urban environments.7.

Will it be more affordable?

AR technologies will be cheaper than virtual realities, but the headsets themselves will cost a lot more.

Some companies, like Google, have announced plans to release AR and virtual reality-compatible products for as little as $99.

Some manufacturers have already announced AR and smart glasses that can be used for just $99, while others have announced prices as low as $199.

If VR headsets cost as little or as much as AR headsets, it will make it easier for consumers to purchase them.

But when it comes to consumer devices, there are also going to be some big differences between them.

For starters, there’s the price.

Most AR headsets will cost around $500, which is still a lot cheaper than what we

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