Australia: Thousands of cardboard recycling bins to be built in new landfill

Updated June 30, 2018 17:56:56 Australia’s new landfill is to be filled with cardboard and paper to meet growing demand for disposable products, after decades of ignoring the problem.

Key points:The $10 million Waste Management facility will be used to collect cardboard from local recycling bins and the rest of the landfill will be made from paper materialsThe facility is expected to be operational in 2019The Government says it is investing $1.4 billion to expand Australia’s waste management system, which has been criticised for not properly managing waste over decadesThe waste management facility will eventually be used by more than 400,000 people and will hold 1.5 million tonnes of waste, including cardboard, paper, cardboard coffins and plastic bottles.

“It will be one of the largest facilities in the world to collect plastic and cardboard and we will be able to hold that much material,” Environment Minister Adam Bandt said.

“There will be an enormous opportunity to grow our industry and create more jobs.”

Mr Bandt is making the announcement after being sworn in as the Government’s new waste management minister on Friday.

“The vast majority of cardboard and cardboard recycling is done by people that have no experience or knowledge of waste management and it’s time we did something about it,” Mr Bandt told ABC News Breakfast.

“We’re getting the government of Australia involved and it really is our opportunity to help out the country.”

The waste control facility will have an operating capacity of about 1.1 million tonnes.

It is estimated that more than one million tonnes will be collected annually by 2025.

The Government is investing a total of $1 billion to improve waste management in Australia.

Mr Bandst said he was confident the new facility would be able meet growing demands.

“When we have a facility of this size we can get that kind of material into our country for more than a year at a time, so that is something we’re really excited about,” he said.

The new waste disposal facility will not be able open for at least another five years.

The Prime Minister said the Government would also be working to improve the use of waste paper, and the use and recycling of cardboard.

“One of the things that we want to see is that cardboard is put in plastic packaging, and that we can also recycle that paper into paper, paper into cardboard, so we’re doing the right thing,” he told the ABC.

“I’m really excited that this facility is coming online, because I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for Australia and for waste management.”‘

We’re not going to stop there’The Government has announced an additional $200 million over three years to increase the recycling of paper and cardboard.

Mr Taylor said he believed the Government could continue to build on this initiative for a number of years to come.

“That is the way that we’re going to manage this waste and we’re not just going to be putting it in bins and we’ve got a huge facility here to collect that,” he added.

“And it’s also going to help us create a better future for our kids, our grandchildren and the future of our country.”‘

This will be a fantastic thing for the economy’Mr Bandts comments came after Environment Minister Rob Oakeshott said the new landfill would be used for a long time.

“This is going to have a lasting legacy and it will be the largest and best of the facilities in Australia,” he was quoted as saying.

“In terms of the amount of cardboard that is actually going to go into this facility, it’s just going a long way.”

Mr Oakesmott said it was important to keep the money going.

“People have always been concerned about the waste coming into this landfill, but this will be another great thing for this country,” he noted.

“So there’s going to continue to be a long-term commitment made by this Government to make sure that our waste management works.”

The Government’s Waste Management Authority will be responsible for managing the site, including ensuring it meets environmental standards.

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