Which cardboard weed barriers will you be able to get in the next couple of years?

Google is working on a new version of its cardboard app, which it hopes will make it easier to access cardboard weed and other forms of edible waste.

The company unveiled its new app on Monday at Google I/O, a company event focused on the next big thing in tech, in what the company called “a new era of digital commerce.”

In the app, users can upload photos of cardboard items they’d like to collect, and Google’s virtual assistant will automatically identify the cardboard and give users the option to pick it up.

The app will also allow users to place cardboard boxes in their cars and trucks.

The app will be available for free for users in the United States, and $5.99 in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

The new cardboard app is just the latest example of Google’s plans to get more people in touch with its increasingly large and rapidly growing fleet of autonomous vehicles.

In June, Google announced it was adding 10 new autonomous vehicles in the near future.

The new vehicles will make its way onto public roads and highways by 2021, with at least two more in operation by 2025.

Google also is planning to expand its drone delivery service, launching a fleet of drones in 2019.

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