How to stop your dog from getting on the subway

A new study finds that subway car seats that are less comfortable and less spacious can reduce a dog’s chances of getting stuck in the subway.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, found that cardboard boxes reduced the likelihood that dogs would get stuck in a subway by about 10 percent. 

The researchers also found that the cardboard boxes could decrease the risk of an individual dog getting stuck by as much as 75 percent.

The cardboard boxes had no impact on a dog that had been sitting in the same seat for an average of 4 minutes.

The study, published in the journal Animal Behaviour, was conducted at a suburban station in Austin, Texas, and found that if a person was seated at the same platform as their dog, the dog would have a higher chance of getting a stuck-in-a-train situation than if they were seated at another platform.

Researchers tested how much time the dogs spent in the train, whether they were rewarded with food, and whether they could be left alone.

In the experiment, researchers placed cardboard boxes on two sides of a train and placed one of the cardboard items on each side.

The other side of the train was the opposite side and the boxes were placed on top of each other.

The researchers measured how long each dog spent in each platform while the dog was sitting on the train. 

Researchers found that a cardboard box reduced the odds of getting in a stuck situation by 10 percent compared to a cardboard couch or an empty cardboard box. 

“The more spacious the cardboard box, the less likely the dog is to get stuck.

The more spacious it is, the more likely the dogs is to have a better experience,” said study co-author Michael Siegel, an associate professor of veterinary medicine at UT Austin.

The research was conducted on an older train car and was conducted by Dr. Siegel and colleagues.

The team also surveyed other people and dogs in the station to determine how comfortable the cardboard car was and whether the cardboard seats were spacious. 

Siegel and his team then studied the dogs’ behavior in the new cardboard train car while the researchers were in the study station and the next day.

Siegel said that in the end, the researchers concluded that the more spacious cardboard car seats were, the better the dogs were able to get in a station.

“The cardboard boxes worked very well to prevent a dog from being stuck.

We’re seeing a real benefit from having a wide range of seating options,” Siegel said.

The researchers plan to continue their study in other stations in Austin and other cities to determine if there are similar benefits for other types of seats and seating materials.

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