How to create your own cardboard cut-out for your birthday party

Now Playing: The world’s most popular holiday gift, cardboard cutout, could be yours for $39.99 Now Playing How to decorate your own Christmas tree with cardboard cut out article Now Reading: This is what happens when you don’t have a lot of space in your home to decorates Now Playing A quick guide to creating a DIY cardboard cutOut project Now Playing 7 great DIY Christmas decorating projects Now Playing 3 new holiday decorating tips that are guaranteed to inspire Now Playing This is the best way to make your own homemade gift for your loved ones Now Playing Here are some Christmas decorations you can put on your own home Now Playing 6 DIY Christmas ideas to make sure your loved one enjoys the holidays Now Playing What you need to know about Christmas decorations Now Playing 8 tips for a DIY holiday decor project Now Watching: How to make homemade cardboard cut Out projects for your friends and family Now Playing The best way for people to decorating their homes is to put cardboard cut Outs in their homes Now Playing Christmas trees are everywhere, but where do you put them?

Now Playing Are you trying to make a homemade cardboard decor project?

Now Watching A DIY cardboard decorating project that will inspire a friend and family

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