How to get your kids excited about climate change

New research finds kids will be less excited about global warming if they are exposed to the idea of a rising sea level. 

The study was released on Tuesday by researchers from the University of Minnesota, The Ohio State University, the University at Buffalo, the Johns Hopkins University, and the University in Colorado.

It finds children who are exposed as a result of climate change to the concept of sea level rise will be more interested in exploring the concept in school and have less interest in science-based learning.

The findings, published in the journal Science Advances, have been praised by climate activists.

“Our study shows that when we give children a strong climate-change awareness and context, they are less likely to want to study climate change in school,” said study co-author Jason Grosz, an assistant professor of psychology at The Ohio St. University.

The researchers also found that exposure to the sea level change concept in schools also resulted in more science-oriented learning and less concern about global climate change.

The research was based on data from the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics, a national survey of students ages 9-17, which is conducted each year. 

“Climate change is the fastest-evolving issue we face, and we need to learn how to better engage kids in our community in a way that is meaningful and meaningful for them,” said John Hockett, a former chair of the Board of Trustees of The Ohio University and former president of the Ohio State Bar Association.

“We need to show kids how important it is to get out there and take action.

We need to teach kids how to think about science.” 

In the report, researchers found that, on average, 3.2 percent of the country’s high school students will be exposed to sea level changes as a consequence of climate-related events.

The study also found high schoolers were less interested in climate science and more interested than their peers in studying politics, business, and sports.

“This study demonstrates that we need more conversations around climate change, so that our students can better understand the impacts of climate changes and the consequences for our climate, and can better connect with and engage with the world around them,” Groslyns said. 

In his report, Grosers said that a strong education is crucial to climate change awareness and understanding.

“When a young person is exposed to climate-impact issues and issues related to climate, they’re more likely to understand climate impacts and understand what climate is,” Gosz said.

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