Why is your cardboard recycling rate going down?

The US has become a place where you can pay a $1.50 shipping charge to ship your cardboard out of your house.

The reason is the cost of shipping cardboard is dropping.

According to a report from the National Association of Reuse Companies, shipping costs are down by over 40% in recent years.

But that’s not all.

The cost of recycling your cardboard has also decreased.

That’s because the US recycles a lot more cardboard.

The National Recycling Center estimates that more than half of the plastic we use ends up in landfills.

The problem is, recycling cardboard is hard.

According the Center, the process of recycling cardboard can take up to eight hours.

Recyclers estimate that if they were to go the same route as you, they would have to go for more than five days to collect a ton of cardboard.

In order to be able to recycle the plastic that ends up on landfails, the recycling process must be completed in one piece.

In other words, if the cardboard is not properly packaged, you are going to have a ton or more of cardboard in your landfill. 

There are other factors at play that are contributing to the decline in recycling.

The US government has been funding recycling efforts since the 1970s, which means that recycling is one of the few areas that the government can actually directly fund.

According a report by the nonprofit Center for Sustainable Business, the U.S. now recycles about 1.8 million tons of cardboard per year.

That is a significant increase from just two decades ago, when the recycling rate was about 300,000 tons.

The United States also has the third-highest rate of plastic waste in the world.

According an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report, the plastic waste created by Americans contributes to global warming, according to the World Economic Forum.

According this report, in 2013, the United States emitted roughly 3,500 metric tons of plastic, or almost the equivalent of 6,500 cars.

The pollution created by the plastic produced by Americans is a major contributor to the global warming that is already taking place.

The Environmental Protection Department estimates that, over the past decade, the amount of plastic that Americans have put into the ocean has increased by 30% while the amount that is being released into the atmosphere has increased almost 30%.

Plastic is a critical component of the global environment, according the EPA.

Plastic is an important component of our landfares, as well.

According The Guardian, plastics have the potential to contribute to global climate change by causing acid rain.

That means that when the ocean gets too acidic, the plastics released by the oceans will leach into the water and then the water will acidify.

This will cause sea level to rise and increase the likelihood of hurricanes.

The EPA reports that, according a recent study, plastic waste from the United Kingdom was responsible for one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions in the U, UK, and Europe in 2012.

According some estimates, there are more than 4.6 million plastic bottles in use in the United states.

And the amount they produce is increasing.

In 2012, the average plastic bottle produced in the US was around 5,200 kilograms.

And, according this report by Bloomberg, in 2014, plastic bottles produced in America produced a whopping 8,000 kilograms.

So the amount plastic we throw out each year is actually more than the amount we are actually getting back.

According CNN Money, the Environmental Protection and Hazardous Materials Administration (EPA), in 2015, recycled plastic produced 1.5 billion plastic bottles.

According Bloomberg, it is estimated that, each year, the US creates over 1.7 million metric tons.

Of course, not every piece of plastic ends up going into the landfill, but when it does, the impact is significant.

And according to a 2015 report by Business Insider, plastic pollution is expected to rise by 70% by 2050, according CNN.

In addition to all of these factors, recycling is just one piece of a larger problem.

In fact, it’s only one piece in a much larger puzzle. 

If we want to get our cardboard out into the world, we need to have the right equipment.

According Reuters, the largest barrier to recycling is that, until now, the only equipment available has been cardboard boxes.

The cardboard box, which is made of a plastic sheet, can’t withstand a ton-load of weight.

That makes recycling cardboard a difficult task. 

A new recycling facility is currently under construction in Michigan.

The facility will be located at the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) recycling facility.

The company hopes to eventually build a similar facility in the city of Lansing, Michigan.

It’s currently looking for people who have been involved in recycling since the 1990s.

The first phase of the facility will start shipping out cardboard in 2019. 

In order to get the equipment, a lot of the companies

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