Why is cardboard so popular?

I can’t imagine a world without cardboard, the iconic, cheap, versatile and inexpensive form of plastic.

It is used by millions of businesses worldwide to make everything from books, paperclips, clothing and more. 

But it is also used as a source of waste.

This week, I spoke with Benny and I to understand why this is the case.

And I wanted to get to know you both better, so I asked you to share what you thought about the importance of cardboard.

Benny: I am a big fan of cardboard as a form of packaging.

For me, a piece of cardboard is a piece I can hold onto forever.

If I were to be honest, I’m not a big carder, but I do like to look through things that are packaged, and it makes me happy. 

I think cardboard is one of the most important forms of packaging we have.

It’s something that is very universal, it’s used everywhere, and there is a lot of people who have a love for it.

I think it’s important that we understand how to use it, and how to keep it in good condition.

It’s also a really great form of art. 

Barry: My son has a couple of boxes and I love that he has a box of boxes.

And the box is his gift. 

There’s a lot to it, but the cardboard itself is just amazing.

It just looks great.

It feels great in the hand.

I love to look at it, I love it and it’s an amazing material.

It makes my hands feel super soft and super warm, and I can really look at a picture of it. 

Dee: I have a couple boxes, and they’re just so fun to look into and look at.

And then there’s cardboard that’s just really nice.

It kind of reminds me of a photo album.

It has the perfect amount of space to fit everything, and then it’s also really soft and beautiful.

I just love the look of it and the way it looks.

I also love the smell, the feel of it, the texture, the quality, and just the way the cardboard is made.

I’m so excited to get a few of these boxes in my collection. 

Kelsey: I love the feeling of a box.

I have one of those boxes and it is the coolest.

I am so excited because I can open it up and take out whatever I want. 

My son likes to take out boxes. 

Cathy: I get excited when I see them, and that’s when I get to see them. 

Cardboard is one form of paper and I have this box that’s all kinds of paper.

I like to take it out and take the boxes out, and look around, and the paper on the box and the cardboard are all different.

And when you get to put things on the cardboard, I like that it feels so good. 

Sophia: I really like the feeling and I am always looking for the right way to use the cardboard.

When I see cardboard, it just seems so good, and when I look at cardboard, then it just makes me feel so good and I want to use cardboard in everything. 

Lily: I like cardboard.

I always want to take a picture with it, so it’s a great form.

I will take a cardboard and put it on my laptop, and take pictures, and make it into a book.

It really is amazing.

I’ve always been a fan of that type of packaging, but it’s definitely been hard to find boxes that fit the cardboard that I want, that I really need. 

Pam: I can always see what I’m going to use, and cardboard is the perfect choice.

It doesn’t get dirty, it doesn’t have any holes, it fits perfectly in my desk, it looks beautiful and I use it for all kinds and all kinds.

I would definitely recommend this to anybody. 

Matt: I think cardboard should be used in all kinds, because it is such a universal material.

If we all just put more of it in the environment, then maybe there’s a chance that we can get plastic pollution to stop. 

So when it comes to the environment and the use of plastic in the home, cardboard really is the best option.

It does a lot for the environment.

It also is so easy to transport. 

Mama: I use cardboard for my house and my desk.

And cardboard has a really nice feeling, and my son loves it too, so that’s really cool.

And he always keeps the boxes in the drawer, and he loves the way they look when they’re opened.

I don’t think cardboard will go away.

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